NCOBPS Capital Campaign (2022-2025)

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A campaign to strengthen infrastructure and increase the pipeline of Black political scientists


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At the National Conference of Black Political Scientists (NCOBPS), we understand that the discipline of political science is only as strong as it is diverse.

Because of NCOBPS, Black political scientists at every stage of their careers, as academics and practitioners, have a trusted community where they can exchange cutting-edge scholarship; work collaboratively in gathering and analyzing critical and diverse political science data; creating innovative solutions to answer pertinent questions about freedom, empowerment, and democracy; and interface with the genius of senior and emerging scholars.  As a result, hundreds of businesses, institutions, nonprofits, governments, and other organizations have benefitted from the work and scholarship of individuals that come from NCOBPS.

To support our evolving vision and impactful work, we are pleased to announce the launch of our capital campaign--Sowing Seeds of Permanence.  Within a 3-year time period, NCOBPS aims to raise $500,000 to support the three crucial pillars of our giving tree:

  • Strengthening the Foundation (ROOTS)- NCOBPS hopes to reach its highest potential by creating a sustainable, multifaceted operational base.  By developing our infrastructure, we anticipate being regarded as the most dynamic and relevant organization at the center of Black political analysis, both nationally and globally.  

  • Build the Community (TRUNK)- By strategically expanding our key partnerships, NCOBPS will gain greater recognition of its essential work from its members in their academic and public scholarship.  By building these relationships, NCOBPS will continue to serve as the premier thought leader in the field of Black politics research. 

  • Promote Black Scholars (GROWTH)- NCOBPS will ensure the continued gains of Black scholars in assuming professorships and leadership posts in the academy by securing program resources needed to further the professional goals of members.

We hope that you will sow a seed of permanence today as we continue to change the world #BecauseofNCOBPS!

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