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1.  WHO ARE WE?  

Learn My History Foundation (LMH), is a Multicultural Youth Empowerment Mentoring Non-Profit 501 (c) (3, Founded by Ronnique (Ro) Hawkins. WATCH OUR SHORT 'Create With Ro' 1st MENTORING SERIES!


'Create With Ro' Florida Premier - (6 minutes 30 seconds) - (We Introduce our NEW Florida Chapter and honor LMH New York. Meanwhile, youth and Ro create historically tied projects and share the unique experience, we also introduce 'Little Ro!' 

'Create With Ro' Episode 1 - (3 minutes) (Honoring Black History Month, youth share their 'Create With Ro' experience and LMH's Premier Historical Calendar.)

'Create With Ro' Episode 2 - (3 minutes) (Youth share how our program has enriched their lives, and LMH finds Merrick a Mentor!)

'Create With Ro' Season Finale Episode 3 - (5 minutes) (Youth Measure LMH's Success, and Ro's Season 1 Finale Gifts for LMH Kids!)

  LMH uniquely 'Encourages Youth to Become Leaders and Not Statistics', and our Mission Statement is: We are Dedicated to Youth Empowerment, Education and Change. Our targeted age-range is 12-18 years of age. LMH was first founded in New York, and also legally operates in Florida. "Create With Ro," is our 1st Art program and One-of-a-Kind Mentoring Fusion. In our Premier 4-Episode Series and future ones, we'll integrate educators, entertainers, and business professionals with at-risk youth designed to enrich the lives of all participants.

  In our inaugural year in Florida, LMH youth have measured Season 1's success, and shared their experience during the 'Create With Ro' Program, Mentor pairing and Historical Calendar. They recommend LMH to friends and family, which allows us to progress, achieve goals, and grow into a uniquely positive organization.


  8/28 Highlights minority Non-Profits and commemorates historical events, including the beautiful life of teen martyr Emmett Louis Till. Many nationalities still honor Emmett's death, which helped to unite and strengthen our Human Race.

As a Producer of the Emmy nominated film: "The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till", it was Emmett's, The 3 Civil Right's Workers' and other historical families, that encouraged Ronnique to continue, and ultimately incorporate LMH. She hopes they achieve justice. With this, LMH's virtual programs focus on 'Better Guidance and Education', which is needed more than ever. Reading, Arts and Culture and Film Production initiatives are carefully included by our professional mentors, which has gained the interest of 2 national companies. LMH's on-going interactions and annual events, aim to awaken and celebrate hidden potential, particularly in at-risk youth. LMH, like others, must continue to transcend color barriers. This will strengthen our infrastructure, so that our mission gains the support and attention it deserves - and that others have. We'll continue to inspire youth, especially our precious girls, with more self-esteem, to set and achieve their goals. LMH and Ronnique personally, are honored to have received several personal endorsements, especially from Cliff Frazier the Emmy winning Exec. Director of the NY Metropolitan Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Non-Violence, (an NGO of the United Nations.)

2.  WHAT DO WE DO?  'Create With Ro', and upcoming LMH’s mentoring fusions, helps bridge gaps between generations through successful educators, entertainers and professionals. Our mass-mentoring has successfully evolved into one-on one. Our supporters inspire our mission of empowerment, especially during this current pandemic, and we track the success of these mentoring relationships and youth's accomplishments. Art creations are historically tied, and include live simultaneous encouragement from LMH. More funding will help improve LMH operations and programs.

3.  WHERE ARE WE? LMH operates virtually for now, while youth are unable to gather, and we want them to consider this THEIR platform to interact and grow with us. We DIDN'T dissolve our NY Chapter, which we'll revisit and strengthen when possible, with mentoring supporters and youth again.

4. WHY LMH?  LMH is a one-of-a-kind Mentoring Fusion, and we seek the continued and future support of parents, business professionals and donating companies. Our mentors have included Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Emmy and Grammy winners, authors, educators and more. 

We can't wait to honor the accomplishments of great people, so please help us overcome the fiscal challenges that obstruct many efforts to reach our goals. Ongoing sustaining support will help our programs flourish with YOUR generosity! 

Inquisitive after enjoying our short promos and website? Please Contact us! Thanks and we hope to hear from you and that your family stays safe!


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