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$27,000 Goal

Let's make it easier for women to find access to postpartum care!

Delighted to Doula Birth Services exists to eliminate maternal mortality in communities that have the lowest quality of care. Our Community Based Postpartum Doula program, #GOAL366, offers an anti-bias approach with evidence-based physical and educational postpartum support to mothers and families.

In 2020, approximately 861 women died as a result of Pregnancy or childbirth. Also, an additional 60,270 women in the U.S. suffered life-threatening medical complications, many of which could have been prevented had they had better access to care. Texas is the National leader in Maternity ward closures and is considered the most dangerous place to be pregnant. The mortality rate of Black women has climbed from a rate of 37.3 per 100k live births in 2018, to 44 per 100k in 2019. These numbers are consistently rising, thus in Texas alone the mortality rate is 34.5 per 100k.

Our Community Based Postpartum Doula Program, #GOAL366, is the ammunition that fights maternal mortality. We provide after pregnancy support through postpartum doulas to educate and support families with newborns. More specifically, our doulas help monitor symptoms often associated with postpartum complications that could led to a morbidity/mortality, postpartum depression, and divert away common breastfeeding mistakes. Other services range from providing material goods, meals, attending postpartum doctor visits, and even presenting additional resources that apply to individual needs. 

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Our program interventions include:

  • Providing relationship-centered care
  • Providing a postpartum doula
  • Initial contact with mother right after deliver
  • Provide full year service of up to 4 months of in-person postpartum support and 8 months of check-ins
  • Knowledge on self-care building
  • Educate mothers on nutrition, diabetes, hypertension, and postpartum depression
  • Provide resources
  • Assist in follow-up doctor visits

Our goals:

  • Reduce Maternal Morbidity/Mortality
  • Reduce postpartum depression
  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce Hypertension
  • Improve Breastfeeding rates
  • Increase postpartum appointment rates
  • Improve the well-being and recovery of all birthing people

Currently our program has supported over 200 mothers with 2,537.4 hours of Postpartum support, 100% of our mothers had a decreased postpartum depression and 100% of our mothers have attended their postpartum visits.

YOU can help us combat maternal mortality, and expand Delighted to Doula’s services to those in need by donating to our goal of $27,000 to provide 54 hours of postpartum support to 25 mothers.

Thank you for saving a life, Donate today!

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